Meniett Low-Pressure Pulse Generator

The Meniett device is small and discreet, which allows you to perform treatments at home or work

The Meniett device is small and discreet, which allows you to perform treatments at home or work.


The Meniett® Low-Pressure Pulse Generator is a safe, minimally invasive method for managing Ménière’s disease symptoms. The device sends a series of computer-controlled, low-pressure pulses to the middle ear. Scientists believe these micropressure pulses may reduce the excess inner ear fluid and swelling that are thought to cause Ménière’s disease symptoms.

Key Features

Meniett therapy is safe, simple, and effective. You can take it with you just about anywhere. The device is small, lightweight, and completely portable. You can do your Meniett treatments on the go, thanks to a convenient carrying case, rechargeable batteries, and portable battery charger.


The Meniett device is small, lightweight, and portable. It measures roughly 10 x 15 centimetres. Each Meniett device comes with a small carrying bag with a shoulder strap, similar to a camera bag.

More Facts

A tiny ventilation tube (vent tube) must be inserted in your eardrum before you can begin Meniett therapy. This allows the pulses to pass through the eardrum to the inner ear. 

Doctors typically prescribe three Meniett treatments per day, and each treatment lasts 5 minutes. To begin a treatment session, you hold a special soft earplug in the outer ear. The earplug is attached to a tube that goes into the Meniett device, which sends low-pressure pulses to your inner ear. The micropressure pulses are controlled by a small computer inside the device.

Product Support

If you need to purchase additional earplugs or battery packs, you can call Meniett Customer Service or visit the Meniett website.


Information on this site should not be used as a substitute for talking with your doctor. Always talk with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment information.

Last updated: 22 Sep 2010

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