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Activa PC

The non-rechargeable Activa PC neurostimulator is ideal for people who prefer their device to be "fitted and forgotten"

Activa® PC is the first of Medtronic’s next generation, non-rechargeable Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) neurostimulators.

Medtronic DBS is a proven and effective therapy for reducing troublesome motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, and essential tremor. It can also significantly improve overall quality-of-life for patients with these conditions.1

Key Features

The Activa PC neurostimulator contains an electronic circuit-board and is powered by a non-rechargeable, long-life battery. The Activa PC neurostimulator can provide extended, maintenance-free symptom control, and is simply "fitted and forgotten." This makes the Activa PC neurostimulator ideal for patients who prefer a low or maintenance-free implanted device.


The Activa PC neurostimulator is discreet and unobtrusive, with a similar size and shape to a cardiac pacemaker. It has a volume of just 39 cubic centimetres, is only 15 millimetres thick, and it weighs a mere 67 grams. This is a full 24% smaller than Medtronic’s first-generation Kinetra® device, meaning that many patients find the Activa PC device more comfortable.2


The small, sealed Activa PC neurostimulator is surgically implanted under the skin, just below the collarbone or in the abdominal area. Here, it is connected to the other components of the Medtronic DBS System.

These other Medtronic DBS Therapy System components include:

  • The Medtronic DBS Lead – The Medtronic DBS Lead consists of four cylindrical electrodes. It is stereotactically implanted with millimetre accuracy in the desired target region of the brain.
  • The Medtronic Extension – The new flexible Medtronic DBS Extension connects the Medtronic DBS Lead to the Activa PC neurostimulator. For additional comfort, and to accommodate natural body movement, this is also placed under the skin.

Once the implanting procedure has taken place, the therapy is controlled by an external Activa Patient Programmer which ensures that the Activa PC neurostimulator produces optimal clinical effects. To trigger these effects, the Activa PC neurostimulator sends electronic signals to the implanted Medtronic DBS Lead. The lead electrodes stimulate the defective areas of the brain, alleviating troublesome symptoms.

The new Activa RC and Activa PC family offers a complete range of solutions for different types of patients.


  1. Deuschl G et al. NEJM 2006.
  2. Pena E et al, Stereotact Funct Neurosurg 2008.

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Last updated: 18 Nov 2010

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