MiniMed Paradigm® Veo™ System

The MiniMed Paradigm Veo System combines insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring with a unique new capability to automatically suspend insulin delivery for up to 2 hours if your glucose levels fall to a pre-agreed level, unlike any other pump on the market, Paradigm Veo will actively protect you against the risk of hypoglycaemia even when you are asleep.

The MiniMed Paradigm Veo System is used in conjunction with your Medtronic insulin pump. The MiniMed Paradigm Veo System has three components:
1. A tiny glucose sensor, placed under the skin, which measures blood glucose levels 24-hours a day (6 days sensor usage)
2. The MiniLink™ transmitter which sends the information to the Paradigm Veo insulin pump
3. The Paradigm Veo insulin pump.

The MiniMed Paradigm Veo System helps you take immediate corrective or preventative action to keep your blood glucose levels healthy and prevent diabetes-related complications.

Key features

DIA-Paradigm Veo Pump

Easy to use

Simple, intuitive navigation and on-screen instructions make it easy to use. You only need to press a few buttons to make appropriate selections and adjustments.  


The pump can accommodate your unique requirements, with a minimum basal rate of 0.025 U per/hr and a maximum bolus of 75 units.

Smart and Safe

At the touch of a few buttons, the Bolus Wizard® calculator uses your personal settings, blood glucose readings, carbohydrate intake and active insulin duration to suggest a bolus amount. So you can let the Paradigm Veo do the maths.


  • Missed meal bolus reminder – helps you to avoid hyperglycaemia
  • Unlike any other pump, the Paradigm Veo will actively protect you even when you are sleeping with its Low Glucose Suspend function, which stops insulin delivery for 2 hours if you do not respond to a low glucose warning
  • May help prevent hypoglycaemia by telling you how much insulin is still active from the previous bolus
  • Capture Events – allows you to mark an event, helping you to monitor and manage you diabetes effectively


Medtronic is the only manufacturer to build a Continuous Glucose Monitoring capability into their pumps. By using a sensor to monitor your glucose levels 24hrs a day, you can be alerted if you are too low or high, if your levels are rapidly rising or falling, and even if the pump predicts that you will be too high or low in the near future. This kind of insight really allows you to take control immediately, or before a glucose excursion even happens.


The Paradigm Veo comes in two different pump sizes, five colours and a range of SKINS pump covers.  

Size & placement

No bigger than a mobile phone, the Paradigm Veo can be attached to a belt, kept in a pocket or hidden under clothing – and it is the same size and weight as a mobile phone or MP3 player.

Device Size

DIA-Paradigm Veo Pump

The device is not shown actual size.
Other sizes may be available.

Height: 5.1 cm; 2.0 inches
Width: 8.3 cm; 3.3 inches
Depth: 2.0 cm; 0.82 inches

Body Placement

DIA-Paradigm Veo Pump placement

The pump can be worn on your belt or in a pouch underneath your clothes. It delivers insulin through a small tube (or “infusion set”) placed under your skin. The transmitter connects directly to the glucose sensor, which is inserted through the skin, usually in the stomach area. It sends data wirelessly to the pump.



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Last updated: 22 Sep 2010

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