Personal Stories

Dick's Story

In 1991, Dick was lifting a 75-pound bag of gravel at work when he injured one side of his lower back. The next year, he injured his back again, this time on the opposite side. After 7 years of ineffective drug treatment for pain, Dick was referred to a pain management specialist who recommended a drug pump (intrathecal drug delivery).

Gary's Story

Gary was working as a painter in 2005 when he injured his back and was unable to work. Eventually he was referred to a pain management specialist. Physically and mentally, Gary reports big improvements with neurostimulation.

Melanie's Story

Melanie was diagnosed with degenerative joint/disc disease in 1996. After various failed pain interventions, Melanie was scheduled for a neurostimulation trial, also known as a screening test. "The trial was marvellous," Melanie says. "It was such a relief to not have the pain there."

Carol's Story

A couple of years after having disc surgery, Carol knew something wasn't right. The soles of her feet were becoming numb and her legs and back started to ache. Carol and her doctor tried many different treatment options but they didn't work. "The Medtronic pump has changed our lives," she says.

Rose Ann's Story

"I tried physical therapy, oral pain medications, counselling, and just about every surgical intervention known to man, but to no avail," Rose Anne says. "When I finally had to accept the fact I could no longer work, I was devastated." During an office visit, a nurse told Rose Ann about a drug pump (intrathecal drug delivery).


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Last updated: 22 Sep 2010

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